Unit 15. I have done (present perfect 1)

1. He has cleaned his shoes.
2. She has closed the door.
3. They have gone to bed.
4. It has stopped raining.
5. He has had a shower.
6. The picture has fallen down.

Շարունակել կարդալ “Homework”

The Elves and The Shoemaker


A shoemaker, by no fault of his own, had become so poor that at last he had nothing left but leather for one pair of shoes. So in the evening, he cut out the shoes which he wished to begin to make the next morning, and as he had a good conscience, he lay down quietly in his bed, commended himself to God, and fell asleep. In the morning, after he had said his prayers, and was just going to sit down to work, the two shoes stood quite finished on his table. He was astounded, and knew not what to say to it. He took the shoes in his Շարունակել կարդալ “The Elves and The Shoemaker”

My Habits

Everyone has habits, be it good or bad. One has a habit of smoking, one to wake up late atc. I know a person who has a habit of always chewing gum, but it is harmful to health, no? So there are some habits that are harmful, and that’s just bad habits. I also have a bad habit to play with my fingers. People say that as a result, I will have a problem with my fingers. And I try to get rid of this habit, but I can not. So develop good habits


Unit 11 Ex. 11.3

Last Tuesday Lisa flew from London to Madrid. She got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and had a cup of coffee. At 6.30 she left home and drove to the airport. When she got there, she parked the car, walked to the airport building, and checked in, then she had breakfast at a cafe’ and waited for her flight. The planeflew on time and arriwed in Madrid two hours later. Finally she took a taxi from the airport to her hotel in the centre of Madrid. Շարունակել կարդալ “Homework”

A Tiny Winter Wonder

Each time winter comes, we fall into childhood and our hearts fill with great love and kindness. Wonder is not Christmas at all. Wonder is the winter itself.
«What is winter?» «You know, people call it a season, for the year has got four seasons and the Winter is the forth one. Do you want to know what is the Winter in fact? It is a secret hidden from people, but I can open it to you now. Շարունակել կարդալ “A Tiny Winter Wonder”

My Favourite Armenian Food

I have some favorite dishes. One of them belongs to Armenian cuisine.It is tolma. It is made of minced meat, which there are rice, greens and onions. All this is wrapped in grape bushes. Cooked on the gas.Usually eat with yogurt. Dolma also prepares cabbage wrapping.There is also a summer dolma, stuffed with pepper, tomato or eggplant. I like most of the bushes and peppers.

Big Ben

he big clock on the tower of the Palace of Westminster in London is oftencalled Big Ben.

But Big Ben is really the bell of the clock.

It is the biggest clockbell in Britain.

It weighs 13.5 tons.

The clock tower is 318 feet high.

You have to go up 374 steps to reach the top.

So the clock looks small from the pavement below the tower.

But its face is 23 feet wide.

It would only just fit into some classrooms.

The minute-hand is 14 feet long.

Շարունակել կարդալ “Big Ben”

living alone

Sometimes there is a moment when you want to go home, live individually and be independent, so that no one will tell you what to do. For example, I often like to connect loud music and dance like crazy, but I am ashamed of my family. I want to cook a food by myself. And finally, I want to keep a dog in the house and my mom will not let me. But in any case, I could not live alone for a long time

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