Unit 15. I have done (present perfect 1)

1. He has cleaned his shoes.
2. She has closed the door.
3. They have gone to bed.
4. It has stopped raining.
5. He has had a shower.
6. The picture has fallen down.

1. ‘Can I have a look at your newspaper?’  ‘Yes, I’ve finished with it’.
2. I have bought some new shoes. Do you want to see them?
3. ‘Where is Liz?’  ‘She’s not here. She has gone out’.
4. I’m looking for Paula.
5. Look ! Somebody has broken that window.
6. ‘Doe’s Lisa know that you’re going away?’  ‘ Yes, I have told her ‘.
7. I can’t find my umbrella. Somebody has taken it.
8.’ Where are my glasses ? ‘  ‘I don’t know. I have not seen them.
9. I’m looking for Sarah. Where has she gone ?
10. I know that woman, but I have forgotten her name.
11. Sue is having a party tonight. She has invited a lot of people.
12.What are you going to do ? Have you dicided ?
13. A: Does Bill know about the meeting tommorrow ?
B: I don’t think so. I have not told him.
14.’ Do you want this magazine ? ‘   ‘No, I have read it, thank’s.

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