A Tiny Winter Wonder

Each time winter comes, we fall into childhood and our hearts fill with great love and kindness. Wonder is not Christmas at all. Wonder is the winter itself.
«What is winter?» «You know, people call it a season, for the year has got four seasons and the Winter is the forth one. Do you want to know what is the Winter in fact? It is a secret hidden from people, but I can open it to you now.

«I want to know what winter is.»

— Look Winter is who, not what.That is a little girl with long eyelashes, small hands, fin and long fingers, she has got huge  blue eyes and she is very white.

-But may be shi is as naughty as me?

-You can never say, she is sometimes very calm, sometimes she is playing whit children crazily, spreading her long white hair all over the children.

-Why don’t people know aboute this tiny wonder?

-People are always busy with Christmas fuss, they look for wonders in plenty of various  dishes, in drinks,  and never notice how this tiny wonder comes and goes passing by.

-So what now, do only we know about this wonder?

-No, there are two groups who know about this wonder.

-Who are they?

-All the children  and sweethearts. Childrens are friend with this girl that is why they know about her.What aboute the sweethearts? Oh my God, this sweethearts ! They never feel cold when this girl is near, they hug each other and get worm into each others embraces.
But nevertheless when the Winter comes at least for a second they look up take a deep breath and understand that the Winter is a wonderfull seasone.There hearts feel with love and they start loving everybody .

-Then why do people decorate the city when Winter comes.

-It’s beautiful, very beautiful, don’t you agree?

-Sure I agree.

-As to people they do it to have a festiv mood.And what about the reality?In fact really they do it for that special purpose, but the holiday is not the Christmas, the holiday is the Winter itself, it’s visit.
People sayd  that in Winter the dreams come to, but I want you to know it’s not that in Winter the dreams come true, Winter itself is a great wonder.Winter is  a tiny snow wonder.

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